Panificazione&Pasticceria quality magazine

P&P, Panificazione & Pasticceria (Bakery and Confectionery) is a bimonthly professional and technical magazine edited by D.M.P. Srl, Rome. The magazine was found in the 70s in Milan and is at present focused mainly on the milling industry and the professionals therein involved.

The main topics are: news, bakery, confectionery, pastry, food and wine.

The mailing (about 15.000 copies) is certified and the printing is increased in view of the target to be reached.

Beside the paper edition it is possible to read the magazine online at the address This allows an appreciable visibility and further contacts.

Attention is given to the delicate matter of food co-adjuvants as well as the new legislation concerned thereto and a space will be also dedicated to sheeter machines made in Italy.

Since May and June are months coinciding with the threshing season and therefore a special attention will be given to organic flours. Furthermore the possibility to increase the opening of new stores thanks to the leavening arrest cabinet will be taken into consideration.

A further topic we shall try to face exhaustively is the topic ‘fats and oils’ giving importance to their use as well as to its recycling and disposal according to the present legislation. Furthermore a view will be given to the modern packaging systems.

It will also deal with the premixed flours that are having a great success and are coming back to ‘nature’ leaving chemical ingredients. P&P will also analyze the different aspects and differences of gas and electric ovens.

A special attention will be also given to margarines for croissants and yeasted products and their caloric and nutritional aspects.