Levante Prof tickets

The Exhibition will take place in the “Nuovo Padiglione” with entrance from Via Verdi , Bari

It is an Exhibition for operators only

Reduced Tickets (for operators only) – euro 3,00
(Expositors can request an unlimited number of tickets (free of charge) to be distributed to its clientele)
Reduced tickets must be presented at the ticket booth where they will be converted in entrances.

Full price ticket to be purchased at the ticket booth – euro 15,00

Opening times : every day from 10a.m. to  7.00p.m.

The secretariat “LevanteProf” is at the ground floor of the Hall

Opening times: every day from 10a.m, to 7p.m.
Tel.: 06 6634333 r.a. / info@dmpsrl.euLa Manifestazione si svolgerà nel Nuovo Padiglione – Ingresso Edilizia – Via Verdi, Bari